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GIS Map of Gыlmit & Hussaini in Wakhi Script PM00000050000000231 7, 2008

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Gыlmit, Tehsil Headquarter of Gojal (Before Attabad Disaster -2008)

Gыlmit, Tehsil Headquarter of Gojal (After Attabad Disaster -2011)

Hussaini Gojal

Passu Map can find here with pdf file.



Passu Image & Thematic Map (in Wakhi Script) AM000000100000005130 7, 2008

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By Ali Rehmat Musofer

On GIS Day (19 November 2008), The first Image and thematic Map of Passu in Wakhi Script is published in Wakhi Blog for the interest of viewers, linguists, travelers, and tourists, These map are published for the test only, we are working on a very detail map of Gojal with all local names in Wakhi script, Inshallah with the collaboration of WTCA, MASGIS, Gojal Local Council and other NGOs, we will publish the first Wakhi Map of Gojal in coming year in 2009. We need your contribution and good suggestions. We will conduct a research based survey in Gojal to find out all the local names of different valleys and villages and mapped them on their exact location (geographic location) with all details and phtographs of the physical, cultural sites, hotels, shops etc. So many location original names are changed and so many are reading and writing wrongly, i.e. Khunzhrav to Khunzhrab.
 click to open the pdf for clear view.



Thematic detail map of Passu village………..Open the pdf for clear view

open pdf for clear view



Passu has been one of the most visited regions of Gojal valley. Passu is famous because it is home of the Batura Glacier. Adding more to the beauty of Passu, standing at the Northern end of the village, is Mount Tupopdon. Inspired by its unique structural attributes tourists have promoted the peak by giving it new names. Some call it “Passu Cones” and others “Passu Cathedral”. Mount Tupopdon is the most photographed peak of the region.  
Passu Diyor e Jayišt :
Yašvendan, Nobod, Past Diyor, Jonabod, Ṣ̌it, Kip Ɣ̌ar, Yaz e ben, Pitk e mis, Sыrыnobod, Tepopdan,


Avdegar, Reč, Zwor, Čramn, daṣ̌t,


Woz ki cumer be jayve nungišt tey, nivšit. Ṣ̌oboṣ̌it


GIS DAY 2008 (www.gisday.com)