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                  Photo: Amin Khan


The Wakhi language is an Iranian language in the subbranch of Southeastern Iranian languages. Wakhi are also known as Pamiri or Mountain Tajiks.
The origin of this language from Wakhan in the extreme northeast of Afghanistan. A very rough estimate of the population of Wakhi Tajiks is 65,000 worldwide. Wakhi people live in four different countries. In the northern areas of Pakistan the Wakhi people mainly live in Gojal, Ishkoman , Darkut , and Brughel . They also live in many parts of Tajikistan, Afghanistan, and China. The religion of the Wakhi Tajiks is Shia Imami Ismaili Muslim they are followers of Prince Karim Aga Khan.


Wakhi Tajik Culture Association Pakistan (WTCA), an organization that is registered with the Government of Pakistan and which works with the colloboration of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Lok Virsa Pakistan . The Association is working for the preservation of the Wakhi Tajiki language and culture, as well as documenting their poetry and music. The literacy rate among Wakhi Tajiks in the northern areas of Pakistan is about 60%.

Radio Pakistan Gilgit relays the Wakhi radio programme “Sadoye Bomey Dunyo”, the voice of the roof of the world. The Wakhi Tajik Culture Association has arranged more than twenty programmes since 1984, which includes cultural shows, musical programs, and large-scale musical festivals with the colloboration of Lok Virsa Pakistan, the Aga Khan Culture Service Pakistan (AKCSP), Aga Khan Rural support Programe (AKRSP) and Pakistan television.



The purpose of this blog is to personally gather and categorize all the past, present and future openly available news, articles, pictures, videos, and anything and everything related to Wakhi community in four countries, this blog will help for easy search and reference.


Feel free to leave us comments, compliments below with your name and country location.










1. uncorneredmarket - PM00000050000004030 7, 2008

Hello! This is a great website to promote the Wakhi language and culture. We really enjoyed our time in the Pamir Mountains of Tajikistan last year.

Audrey and Dan

2. qurban khan - PM000000120000004031 7, 2008

wakhi language is a topest language of wolrd i amapperiset to this language and love to this.

3. qurban khan gilgit bilhanz - PM00000010000002431 7, 2008

mai apny tamam wakhi bolny valon ko yahe massege data hon ki chaye wo pakistan mai ho ya tajikistan mai ho apny es kubsurat zuban ko pury dunya mai ujagar karny kliye koshish kar iy dua hy ke ye zuban din ba din tarqe kary ameen

4. Rehman Pakistani - PM00000010000004230 7, 2008


You guys have really done a great thing in the cyberspace. Please keep it up. How can I be your follower as it is on the blogspot.com?

Mыsofer - PM00000060000002631 7, 2008

Dear bro, most welcome and send your collations related to wakhi to post here. alimusofer@yahoo.com, regards

5. Meharban karim Alvi - AM000000110000003530 7, 2008

This is great efforts nice site. wish you best luck

6. Baig Ali Toojik - AM000000110000001531 7, 2008

Dear All,

Really a great work on the one of endanger language of our Globe. Keep it up and be togather—-“TOGATHER WE WILL MAKE THE DIFFERENCE” salam TO ALL WHOM THE NAZRANA OF TIME AND KNOWLEDGE——-ACCORDING TO THE WORDS OF IMAM OF THE TIME.

Our wishes are always with YOU and we always pray for the betterment of the humanity and UNITY OF THE WAKIXS of the POMEERIAN RANGES.

7. Aman Ullah Maad - PM00000010000002430 7, 2008

Salam to all. it is really a great work. wish you the best with prayer for successes

8. Didar Karim Johni Gkn - PM00000050000000331 7, 2008

A wonderful effort to promote our wakhi language….mother tongue has no any replacement and it has its own taste and charm…so hats off to all the team for taking this magnificent initiative to render services in its promotion….hope all would contribute to further strengthen it…

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