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Lets Learn Wakhi PM000000100000004630 7, 2008

Posted by Mыsofer in Gojal Pakistan, wakhi.

A new blog has been launched by Rahim Khan and Muhammad Ali, students of AKU – IED, for learning Wakhi online.

This blog has been established with purpose of facilitating learning the Wakhi language. We hope that via this blog we will learn together how to read and write Wakhi. Lessons on how to read and write will be forwarded on daily basis. We hope that you will read them and provide us with feedback for the improvement of the blog. Your participation will be appreciated.





1. Rahim Khan - PM00000070000002730 7, 2008

Thank you Rehmat for posting this blog introduction for your readers

2. hanif - PM00000080000001931 7, 2008

I have some question about wakhi language
1-origin of wakhi language is Persian than why Persion alphabets are not adopted.English alphabets are adopted why it is so.
From where wakhi reader first step can obtained in Pakistan

3. naresh - PM000000110000003730 7, 2008

i wish to learn wakhi language

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