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Culture & Music of Wakhi Tradition AM00000040000004231 7, 2008

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Around the time he began his teaching career, Alam was already making a name for himself. In 1988 Radio Pakistan began playing songs in Wakki on the radio. Music plays deep through the veins of most Wakki people and Alam knew his cousin had a good voice but needed the right inspiration through song and instrument. He began writing and together they practiced long and hard until they believed they were ready.

Their chance soon came at a local audition for new talent on Radio Pakistan. On the big day, all the big names were present but nobody had ever heard of Alam Jan Dario and his lyrical cousin. When their turn came to play, the crowd was stunned to silence and immediately asked for an encore. Radio Pakistan asked them to do a recording and the rest as they say is history. Alam and his cousin are now famous throughout the Tajki speaking world and treated as celebrities wherever they go. His songs are always about love, nature and what Alam calls “Chapursan nationalism.”




Click and Play wakhi songs by Dario. More Songs Coming Soon!!!

More detail at source: http://www.pamirtrails.com/culture.htm



1. Shahid - PM00000050000001530 7, 2008

wakhon job e barem shak me maz tayin

2. khaibar muradi - PM00000080000000531 7, 2008


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