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Passing Time In Passu.. AM00000090000004231 7, 2008

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01 Cathedral Mountains.., Passu, Pakistan

Cathedral Mountains..

After Karimabad we made our way up to Passu which is about 70 kilometres from the Chinese border. Essentially Passu is a small town situated right on the KKH. Surrounded by mountainous peaks (including a stunning backdrop called the Cathedral Mountains) and two glaciers it’s a great place to base yourself for a couple of treks in the area. Compared to Karimabad it’s a very very small village with only three shops none of which stayed open past 8PM. It’s certainly not a place to come if you want to party which suited us fine.

More Pics: http://spatialworld.multiply.com/photos/album/19/PASSU

The village itself is a nice place to walk around for half a day or so and all the village kids love to race around you or simply practice their English. In this part of Pakistan (and Hunza in general) the women folk are also very visible and keen to talk (mainly to Kat). A nice change from other parts of Pakistan.

In reality there’s not much to do in Passu itself but watch the trucks come and go to the Chinese border, watching the villagers come and go about their business and complete a couple of day treks around the area (more on them in the next two pods).

And that’s Passu I guess.

Next Pod – Two Bridges Trek, Passu, Pakistan. Love, Nath and Kat.

Source: http://www.travelpod.com/travel-blog-entries/natandkat/nkhoneymoon/1160126460/tpod.html



1. faraz passu - AM00000090000002731 7, 2008

very good picture

2. devied nascl - AM00000070000005430 7, 2008

it is really a nice place

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