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Chapursan Valley AM00000090000002131 7, 2008

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Yishkuk Lake, Zood Khun, Pakistan

Yishkuk Lake

We were unable to do the Rakaposhi trek due to cloudy weather to decided to spend the last 2 days in the Chapursun Valley, where few tourists go, but borders Afghanistan. We enjoyed beautiful scenery on the way and best jeep tracked we’d been on, including scary bits for Maggi. We stayed at Pamir Serai which is a Wakhi style home – 1 room around a hole in the ceiling, run by an enterprising local Alam Jan, sadly away in Kabul. Luckily a German Stefan, who had been staying for 2 weeks, who acted as our guide telling us things to do in the area. Chapursan Valley, Zood Khun, Pakistan

We went for a fabulous walk up to the lakes at Yishkuk, which were incredibly clear with beautiful colours, before being invited into a shepherds hut for chai and lassi.

The next day we went for a walk on the Yishkuk glacier, where there are some fantastic blue icebergs at the head – we broke of chunks of ice to drink from that were hard and crystal clear like huge diamonds.

More detail at source: http://www.travelpod.com



1. amin ali - AM000000110000005831 7, 2008

thanks for giving your time

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