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The Wakhan Corridor AM000000110000004031 7, 2008

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Ghoz Khan, Wakhan Valley, Badakhshan, Afghanistan

If you look at a map of Afghanistan, you will see an awkward tongue in the far northeastern part of the country. That is the Wakhan Corridor and Pamir. The Wakhan Corridor is inhabited by the minority Wakhi Tajik ethnic group, followers of the Ismaili sect of Islam, while in Pamir there are the Kyrgyz, who are Sunni Muslims. The formation of the boundary of the Wakhan Corridor was very artificial. Russia and Britain, who was fighting in the ‘Great Game’ in Central Asia, used the Wakhan Corridor of present day Afghanistan as the buffer of their emporiums. And now, the Wakhan valley is sandwiched between high mountains of Tajikistan and Pakistan. Walking along the Wakhan Corridor, which is only 15 km wide, indeed will give you a feeling that the giant mountains on the left and right (Tajikistan and Pakistan) will fall on you.

The Wakhi people are separated in 4 countries: Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, and Tajikistan. It’s man who made the line, dividing the God’s world, and causing families to be separated.

In this album I am trying to introduce the life of the Wakhi in Afghanistan. They are an Ismaili minority who are waiting of freedom and prosperity. Tajikistan has been an idol for them. On the Afghan side, there is no electricity, shop, bazaar, telephone network, road, and vehicle. There are only muddy houses with lonely animals and people full of hope. Across the Amu Darya River, poor Tajikistan is proudly showing their power lines, busy highway with passing cars and trucks, and beautiful wooden houses. Even the cows’ songs and laugh of the Tajikistan children can be heard from Afghanistan
Source: http://www.avgustin.net/gallery.php?id=50



1. QURBAN KHAN WAKHI FROM BILHANZ ISHKOMAN - PM000000120000002228 7, 2008

mujay fakar hy ki wakhi ke jo web bane hy bahut kob
allah talla tamam karkon ko tarqe kar hy

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