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Gojal Valley AM00000080000004531 7, 2008

Posted by Mыsofer in gojal, Gojal Pakistan.

Photo: Zaffar Iqbal

Gojal (Upper Hunza) is quite different as compared to lower and central Hunza .The people living here are Wakhis, an ethic group staying in the mountainous areas of the Karakoram and the Pamirs in the boarder land of Pakistan, China and Afghanistan. The language and culture distinguish them from Brush and Shina speaking people, who live in central and lower Hunza. The landscape is different as well. The valley becomes narrow and is framed by steep slopes. Huge glaciers like the Passu, Hussaini and Batura glaciers reach the KKH. Tourists visiting Gojal is mostly adventure tourists. They go hiking and tracking among the famous peaks and glaciers located here. More information about Gojal valley:  www.gojal.net
Demography: Household 1,968, Male 7,530, Female 6,908, Total Population 14,438 (1998)
Source: AC HUNZA: http://achunza.org/Demography.html


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