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Avgarch Valley AM00000060000003931 7, 2008

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Boibar Avgarch………………….Photo: Musofer


The historical settlement of Avgarch lays in the picturesque Boibar Valley. The name Avgarch is derived from the Persian words for water ‘ ab’ and ‘ kerch’, meaning hut. According to local history, the site used to be a grassy campsite with a small hut by a clear spring, hence the name. The first inhabitants arrived several centuries ago from the Wakhan Corridor in Afghanistan, where they settled in the relative seclusion and security of this side valley. As the population grew, people spread out and moved down valley to Galapan, Gircha, Sartiz, Jamalabad, Morkhun, Nazimabad and Sost.


Avgarchi, is a small village nestling in a deep valley. It is 16kms from KKH and is located at an altitude of 9,500ft. While there are no accurate historic records of the origins of the village, historians estimate it to be approximately 600 years old. According to local folklore, this village was settled by the Wakhi speaking Ghoran Tajik’s who were pushed out of the Wakhan by Kargis. The village consists of two fortified settlements known as the Past Khun (4 houses) and the Uch Khun (20 houses). A mosque and water mill are located in Uch Khun.The Qaroon mountain peak and the valley clad with lush green juniper forests provide a dramatic backdrop to the village, beneath which lie man-made meadows and agricultural fields. This area has a heritage of rich, diverse cultural assets. The Rose, Willow and Birch trees soften the landscape, while the markhoors, wolves, red foxes and hares animate it. Wagtails, Golden Orioles, House Sparrows, Red and yellow Hoopoes, Billed Choughs, Ram Chukkars, Snow Pigeons and Magpies constitute a wide array of local bird types. The 2 fortified villages are protected by a watch-tower. Apart from the old fort with its watchtowers ( kungras) and the mosque of Ghulam Ali Shah (which is said to be 800 years old), the village and its surroundings invite to be explored. An old juniper tree, Baltar Yarz, is another popular attraction for the visitor. Many legends and tales spring from this mighty tree and scientists believe it to be the oldest living tree in Gojal, dating several thousand years.  The Avgarch Fort was built as a defense post against Kyrgyz invaders who roamed in Hunza until the mid 19th century.



Source: http://www.gojal.net/avgarch_old%20settlement.htm



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