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Boroghil Chitral, Pakistan AM00000080000002531 7, 2008

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Living Room like a Buddhist Monastery

We are here in the living room in the central part of a complex traditional house in Northern Chitral, Pakistan. This room has the kitchen (in front) and the sleeping places on the sides and on the back. The roof is built with wood, the same way as the roof of Buddhist Monasteries in the Himalayas are built. The people here are Ismaelites. During the long winter months between November and April they spend most of their time in this room. It is a rare honour for foreign guests to be invited to enter such a house. Most of the families in this valley have a guest room outside the main building.

Living Room in a Wakhi House in Boroghil

About hundred families of the Wakhi tribe live in the Boroghil valley, the northern most part of Pakistan, along the Wakhan corridor of Afghanistan. This photo shows a Wakhi family in the central living room of their house, where they will spend most of the time during the coming six winter months. The only surce of light is an opening on the roof which has a similar construction as old Buddhist monastries in Tibet.This photo is shot with the sparce available light.

More pcture from Boroghil: http://photo.net/photodb/member-photos?user_id=1784134



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