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Gulmit was the`perfect spot’ on this trip PM00000020000003831 7, 2008

Posted by Mыsofer in gojal, Gojal Pakistan.
Photo: Zaffar Iqbal (http://spatialworld.multiply.com/photos/album/31/GULMIT)
Moving along the KKH toward China, the KKH turns sharply north to enter Gojal. After crossing the river, we came to a stop in front of a monstrous glacier extending from the mountains to the river. To cross it there was a large path bulldozed, on the other side of which the buses from the north waited. This is a common efficient practice, allowing rock and snow falls to be crossed by foot with passengers trading buses.After crossing and waiting for everyone to get their things together, we rode north to Gulmit. We were to later find out that this same glacier had caused a blockage of the Hunza River in 1992 which completely cut off the valley for over a year. Along with causing extensive damage to Pasu, it was our secret wish for it to recur when we were in Gojal.

Gulmit was the `perfect spot’ on this trip.
The apricot trees were just in bloom, covering the village with pink petals and a lovely fragrance. We stayed as the only guests at a place on the south end of the polo ground. Lying in the center of the main town, this gravely field serves as the pitch for the rare polo games as well as the nightly cricket matches by the village boys.

Terraced fields just sprouting and scattered houses in Gulmit. While there is a concentration of houses and a few shops near the KKH and around the polo grounds, residences surrounded by fields make up the majority of the settlement.

Source: http://www.mango.itgo.com/gojal_gulmit.htm



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