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THE PAMIRI HOUSE PM00000020000002331 7, 2008

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One of the most important repositories of the culture of the Pamirs is the traditional Pamiri house, locally known as ‘Chid’. It embodies elements of ancient Aryan philosophy – including Zoroastrianism – many of which have since been assimilated into Pamiri Ismaili tradition. What to the untrained eye looks like a very basic – even primitive – structure, is, for the people who live in it, rich in religious and philosophical meaning. The symbolism of specific structural features of the Pamiri house goes back over two and a half thousand years.

The house itself is the symbol of the universe and also the place of private prayer and worship for Pamiri Ismailis – the Ismailis have as yet no mosques in Gorno-Badakhshan. The layout of the house is as described below, although some houses have a mirror-image of what is described.

The Pamiri house is normally built of stones and plaster, with a flat roof on which hay, apricots, mulberries or dung for fuel can be dried.

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1. Timur beg - PM000000120000005930 7, 2008

Wow this was interesting!
we have the same type of houses in the hunza valley, and all Ismailis live in Hunza

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