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A diiferent Pakistan AM00000090000001731 7, 2008

Posted by Mыsofer in gojal, Gojal Pakistan.

29, Gilgit, Pakistan

By: Karl-Wilhelm Steuernagel
Dear friends,
I travelled through Pakistan from Lahore in Punjab to the Kunjerab-Pass in the north on my way to China.

I was astonished as to the people I met. Respectful to their neighbour, respectful towards me, respectful to themselves…

80% english-speakers, interested in the life of the guest – not the foreigner. Please register the difference…

Religious life is very impressing. All three islamic religions are not eager in building huge mosques and minaretts. Only small compounds, also used as community-houses are to be found. Five times per day not the muezzin is calling, but all males of the village unite to sing together in order to praise Allah. Of course the neighbour-village will wait until they have finished their prayers. The valley is full of singing…

Everybody is giving 20% of his income to funds (one of them the Aga Khan Foundation) which build schools (for girls and boys, of course separate), dwell sources, build dams to supply electricity, employ doctors and build hospitals.

Women are prominent in public to 25% percent independent, proud in towns, to 40% conservative, with a shawl around head and face, upright position, obviously proud and to 35% not prominent in public.
The mere beauty of the landscape cannot be facetted in words. Jewels.

The Roads, i.e. the Karakorum-Highway, although very difficult to maintain is in perfect condition. Of course narrow, of course lots of dangerous landslides. But help with caterpillars is secured (by the army) within two hours…

 Please think twice, especially when you read the media… 

Source: http://ambassadorsilkroaddrive.wordpress.com/2008/08/15/a-diiferent-pakistan/



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