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Tajik Musuem, Taxkurghan, Xinjiang China PM00000020000003531 7, 2008

Posted by Mыsofer in Taxkurghan.

Tajik Musuem, Taxkurghan, Xinjiang China, Photo By Gohar Ali Khan

More Picture from Taxkurqhan China

Since ancient times the Tajik people have lived in the Taxkorgan area in the Pamirs, which was both a gateway to China western frontier and a key communications center between the West and inland China.,even now it is the key road from kashgar to Pakistan,the new Kashgar custom is locate Taxkorgan also,bus from Kashgar to Pakistan and Pakistan bus to china all stop over night at here, They speak the Persian branch of the Indo European language family as well as the Siriqoli, Wakhi and Uygur language. The written Uygur language is most commonly used. The Tajik nationality has maintained a long-standing friendship with the Han people. In 643 when Monk Xuan Zang of the Tang Dynasty brought home Buddhist scriptures from India , he stopped over in what is today Taxlorgan and listened to local Tajik fairy tales. Later he recorded these tales in his Note on the Western Region of the Great Tang Dynasty. In modern Chinese history the Tajik people often bore the brunt of imperialist and colonialist invasions of china western borders, and fought courageously to defend the frontier. So at anytime Taxkorgan is important pass for the Karakoram highway.



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